3hfoam Retailers, Wholesalers and Converters of closed Cell Foam Products.

Retailers, Wholesalers and Converters of Closed Cell Foam Products

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About Closed-Cell Foam

Closed-Cell Polyethylene Foams

Polyethylene closed cell foams are solid (rather than liquid) that are manufactured from a variety of plastic compounds to which foaming agents have been added. During manufacture, the foaming agents cause bubbles of gas to form inside the foam.

In open-celled foams, such as sponges or mattress foam, these bubbles (or cells) of air are open, allowing liquids and air to be freely taken up into the foam. In contrast, closed-cell foams have closed bubbles which do not allow air or liquids to be taken up.

This allows closed cell foams to have excellent insulated and cushioning properties. As well as outstanding strength, buoyancy, chemical and UV resistance qualities. Making closed cell foam ideal for applications requiring padding, floatation, insulation, space filling, cushioning, anti-vibration and noise dampening.

Raw Materials:

3H foams are supplied as rolls, sheets or blocks in various sizes and colours. There are two main formulations: N-series, a plain polyethylene (PE) compound; and WB a (PE/EVA) Blend. Both types of foam can be supplied in a range of densities from 25 kg/m3 (soft) to 100 kg/m3 (hard).

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